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The Dunes Club currently has approximately 600 children under the age of 18 as members of the club and our family programming has grown tremendously over the years to accommodate this demographic. We are pleased to offer extensive junior golf and tennis programs for all ages and skill levels under the direction of our certified PGA and USPTA Professionals. Our social calendar for children is by far one of the most robust in Myrtle Beach with activities such as Parent’s Night Out, camping on the oceanfront lawn, field trips to local hot spots, indoor funhouses, pool parties, mother/daughter teas, a weekly “Family Night” with organized games and much more. We know how to have fun and we encourage you to join in!

What people are saying

"Our girls had the best week ever at summer camp. It doesn’t get any better!"
Shannon B., Dunes Club Member
  • Social Programming
    • Kerri Aikens

      Looking to Entertain Your Kids?

      Under the direction of Kerri Aikens, our Youth Activities Coordinator, we have an extensive social calendar for kids under the age of 12. Kerri promotes a fun and safe environment for the children, where being silly is encouraged and bullying is not tolerated. In the summer months, you'll find the kids on our oceanfront lawn playing with water balloons or enjoying a friendly game of soccer. The pool is also a favorite past time where Kerri and the kids will likely be playing water basketball or having build-a-boat races. In the cooler months, we still keep the kids entertained indoors with relay races in the Ballroom, comedy shows, and indoor bounce house play days. 

      Mom’s Morning Out

      Offered Tuesday-Friday throughout the year (except for summer months). Kerri will watch your toddlers for three hours each morning while you run errands, play in a tennis clinic, hit the gym, or just need a little break. A convenient and affordable option for moms on-the-go.

      Weekly Family Night

      We offer a “family night buffet” every Tuesday where Kerri and her staff prepare organized games and activities during dinner service so you can relax while we take care of the kids.

      Parent’s Night Out

      Offered monthly on a Friday night. Let us play with the kids while you enjoy an evening in the bar or dining room with your friends and family.

      Examples of other youth social events include interactive plays, talent shows, middle school dances, camping on the oceanfront lawn, junior cooking classes, princess tea parties, pool parties and more.

  • Junior Golf
    • Ryan Wolf

      Growing the Game of Golf

      Led by Ryan Wolf, PGA Director of Junior Golf, the Dunes Junior Gator Golf Academy is a comprehensive golf program for juniors 4-18 years old. The Academy offers a tiered program for all skill levels. Through the levels, each junior will be involved in a structured training environment designed specifically for their skill level.  In addition to the private setting of training, many clinics and camps are available. Throughout the year, the academy will offer holiday, summer and weekend camps, weekly clinics with on course playing opportunities and much more. The Academy holds an “I Can, I Will” motto to help ensure all juniors understand that the game of golf is a progressive learning curve and that a positive attitude will lead to positive results.

      Friday FUNdamentals 

      Weekly after-school clinic that covers the basics of golf while having tons of FUN!

      Elite Junior Training 

      Juniors who possess the skill to play 9 holes and participate on the club’s PGA Junior League team have an opportunity to come out and play three 6-hole matches to hone their competitive skills.

      Parent/Junior League  

      Junior golfers are able to team up with one of their parents or a family member and play a 2 on 2 match play event every summer!

      Private Lesson / Buddy Lessons 

      Juniors learning the game or just wanting to improve are welcome to sign up for private lessons in 30-minute blocks, a “Buddy Lesson” is available where the cost of the lesson can be split up. This is great for the kids who need to carpool or just want to take a lesson with a buddy!

  • Junior Tennis
    • Teaching Youth for their Size

      Under the direction of our Certified USPTA Professionals, our junior tennis program is widely accepted as one of the best in Myrtle Beach. We emphasize having fun while learning technique correctly and juniors are grouped for clinic instruction by age and skill level. Clinics are offered from mid-August through May and are billed monthly. In the summer we offer summer camps for 6-11-year-olds and continue junior clinics for 11-18-year-old tournament/school tennis players.

      Junior Group Lessons


      ages 3-4 years
      A fun introduction to the basic skills needed in tennis. The emphasis at this level will be concentration on eye/hand coordination, tracking the ball’s path and bounce and having fun. 45-minute sessions.


      ages 5-7 years
      A fun introduction to the basic skills needed in tennis. The emphasis at this level will be concentration on eye/hand coordination, tracking the ball’s path and bounce and having fun. One hour sessions.


      ages 7-10 years and 10U pre-tournament, ages 9-10 years
      This class is for beginner and advanced beginners. This group covers fundamentals of groundstrokes, volleys, and serves, as well as the rules and scoring of tennis for their age group. One and a half hour sessions.


      ages 11-12 years
      This class is designed for advanced beginners through Intermediate level players who have some experience in gameplay, want to improve their stroke production and begin to play competitive tennis. One and a half hour sessions.









      6 years  & Under
      Ankle Biters

      36 Foot

      19”- 21”

      Foam or Very Low Compression


      45 minutes or One hour

      Best of 3 games, 1st to win 7 points

      One bounce forehand or no bounce underarm

      8 & Under
      Hip Huggers

      36 Foot


      Foam or Red/Yellow Low Compression


      60 minutes

      Best of 3 games, 1st to win 7 points

      No bounce underarm or overhead

      10 & Under
      Pre Tournament

      60 Foot


      Orange/Green Low Compression


      60-90 minutes

      Best of 2 sets,  1st to win 4 games, 7 point tie break for 3rd set

      No bounce underarm or overhead

      10 & Under
      advanced & Novice Teens 

      78 Foot regulation


      Green low compression
      and yellow


      60-90 minutes

      Best of  2 sets, 1st to 6 games, 7 point tie break at 6 games all, Tie break  3rd set

      Overhead serve

      12, 14, 16, 18 & Under Tournament Prep

      78 Foot regulation


      Regulation Ball and Court


      60-120 minutes

      Best of  2 sets, 1st to 6 games, 7 point tie break at 6 games all, 3rd set options

      Overhead serve

  • Summer Youth Program
    • From June through August we offer an extensive summer youth program that provides a fun, safe and educational experience for the kids. We offer sports camps with training in either golf or tennis. These programs include weekly progress reports to track player development and is ideal for kids who want to learn new skills and improve their technique. Looking for something less structured? We also offer five weeks of fun and games activity camps that expose the kids to plenty of social interactions. Kids will enjoy organized activities, swimming, beach time, pool games and field trips to local attractions.

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